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Public space projects

Public space projects include promenade performances, activations of disused/empty buildings, durational performances and  public interventions. The majority of public space projects choreographed and/or curated by Mariela Nestora invite participants-artists and citizens of different ages and experience, through an open call. These creations respond to the specific characteristics of the location(s) in the urban environment of each city aiming to weave into the choreography the narratives, history and sociopolitical relevance of the site and its current state while proposing activations that reclaim these as common spaces.

20 Pencils no2

Durational performance by choreographer/perfrormer Mariela Nestora with a group of 22 dancers, musicians and actors at  the Arsaki Arcade, part of Removement project 2017 supported by NEON.

Performers: Stella Antypa, Rodia Vomvolou, Kynthia Kouvalidou, Aliki Georgoulopoulou, Leda Dalla, Katerina Drakopoulou, Frosso Zagoreou, Evi Thanella, Natalia Kapetanaki, Medea Kastanou, Lolek, Theodoris Ikonomou, Nefeli Pitsi, Mimika Samara, Alexandra Tatsi, Theano Tseliou, Eleni Papaioannou, Electra Tsakalia, Stefania Filiadi, Ioli Charalabopoulou, Katerina Charitou, Clarisse Zarvos, Mariela Nestora.

Two steps beyond

A promenade performance from the National Library to Omonoia square, by choreographer Mariela Nestora with a group of 9 dancers as part of the Athens Biennale AB5 OMONOIA 2016.

Performers: Anna Apergi, Katerina Gevetzi, Leda Dalla, Myrto Delimichali, Medea Kastanou, Konstantina Barkouli, Vicky Spachou, Stella Spyrou, Katerina Charitou. Costumes: Maria Papadopoulou



Solo performance by choroegrapher Mariela Nestora activating an empty shop as part of Intersections Project Athens 2017.

Performer: Mariela Nestora

Just an Occurrence
or the terrifying possibility of nothing further happening

just an occurence_12_edited.jpg

A promenade performance starting in the library of Goethe Institut  Athen through the streets and to the library of Institut français Grece, commissioned by and presented at  "Nuit de l' esthetique" 2017 curated by Camille Louis-

Performers: Nikoleta Karmiri, Stavros Yagoulis

360 degrees​

Promenade performance in the city of Kalamata (from the old port to the Old Train Station Gardens) created during the choreography workshop led by Mariela Nestora and commissioned by Kalamata International Dance Festival 2015. 

Performers: 25 students of 360 degrees choreography workshop.


A participatory audioguided performance at Exarchia square, Athens, commissioned by MIR festival 2010.

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