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In response to the socioeconomic crisis of the times, the Ministry of Culture of Greece chose to stop all funding for independent artists of the performing arts during the years 2011-2016. Different models of production, collaboration and collectives emerged during this time. With the aim to keep dancing, meeting and creating, as well as sustaining the visibility of freelance dance artists, open calls were addressed to the dance community by Mariela Nestora. These were calls for participation in works created in short intense rehearsal periods and performed in theatres, museums, galleries, occupied theatres/buildings and the public space that  gathered together numerous performers to meet, dance, create. This often gave rise to more collaborations amongst participants while working in this open and inclusive way, was a way to keep active in the dance field during that time.

Exactly what I wanted -1

Exactly what I wanted-1 was commissioned by Athens Biennale AB3 MONODROME 2011. After an open call, choreographer Mariela Nestora worked a group of 22 performers to creating four actions/performances: Exactly what I wanted -1, 0,+1,+3  that were presented at different dates and on different floors of the main building of exhibition AB3. 

Exactly what I wanted -1   

Choreography: Mariela Nestora Performers: Mary Fofi Anestou, Ioanna Apostolou, Depy Gorgogianni, Alexandra Grigoriou, Fay Zarbi, Amalia Kosma, Riena Bambanioti,  Maria Papathanassiou, Ifigenia Pashali, Katerina Pyrini, Evi Souli, Stella Fotiadi, Achilleas Chariskos, Despoina Houzouri 

Exactly what I wanted -0

Choreography: Mariela Nestora Performers: Marigo Aggelidou, Depy Gorgogianni, Tina Gourtzi Alexandra Grigoriou, Myrto Delimichali,  Philippos Kanakaris, Riena Bambanioti,  Natassa Brouzioti,  Ioli Orfanidou,  Olga Spyraki, Achilleas Chariskos, Katerina Foti

Exactly what I wanted +3

Choreography: Mariela Nestora Performers: Mary Fofi Anestou, Ioanna Apostolou,

Exactly what I wanted +1

Choreography: Mariela Nestora Performers: Achilleas Chariskos, Olga Spyraki, Maria Papathanassiou Riena Bambanioti Myrto Delimichali Natassa Brouzioti Depy Gorgogianni Despoina Houzouri Marilena Petridou Ioulia Kouzeli

I was born old

Created in response to  'Love letters to a (Post-)Europe'  curated by Lisa Alexander performed at BIOS, Athens in 2015.

'I was born old' was then developed as an independent full lengthe production presented at BIOS and as choreography workshop working with performers from Thessaloniki and performing at  Alaca Imaret in Thessaloniki.

Choreography: Mariela Nestora Costumes: Maria Papadopoulou Video: Alexandros Kaklamanos Artistic Collaboration: Mary Xanthopoulidou performers (original cast): Varvara Alexopoulou, Gabriella Antonopoulou, Anna Apergi, Katerina Gevetzi, Leda Dalla. Myrto Delimihali, Katerina Drakopoulou, Olivia Thanasoula, Evi Thanella, Sofianna Theofanous, Medea Kastanou, Myrto Katsou, Napoleon Manatos, Krystallia Mourkogianni, Konstantina Barkouli, Anna Pangalou, Eva Papadopoulou, Katerina Pyrini, Mary Rantou, Stella Spyrou, Alexnadra Tatsi, Irini Tzannetoulakou, Eftychia Frantzeskaki, Polina Chala, Katerina Charitou. photos: Alexandros Kaklamanos, Danae Tezapsidou, Buba Gabedava, Eftychia Vlachou

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