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From stage to page

from stage to page is an artist led initiative, focusing on the Greek dance scene. It started in 2010 with an open call from Mariela Nestora to choreographers and dance practitioners write about their work and share their practices, articulating  through language and moving from stage to page.


Interviewing choreographers is an ongoing project since 2011.  Interviews are conducted by Mariela Nestora and are available only in English. Interviews of choreographers, updates from previous interviewees and an invitation to dance theorists to write articles sharing their views on this initiative or on the development of the Greek dance are collected in volumes and  published digitally. 

In 2022 a book of all the interviews 2011-2021 will be published both digitally and as hard copy, marking the shift of the from stage to page project onto a new website updated and including artistic research, scores and theses from the greek dance scene.

Soft Scores

Soft scores propose a soft approach to the complex processes of co-creating and thinking together with others. It is a collection of scores for creative encounters in choreography, writing and discussing. This notebook is for those interestedin making performances and experimenting with inspiring and empowering tools in their process or those exploring creative ways of being together with others.

Like open works, these scores are completed by the reader, performer or actant. In addition to the multiplicity of possible interpretations, certain scores are self-perpetuating; designed to generate more scores every time they are activated. Mariela Nestora developed these scores during her artistic research Investigating performance as a gathering, speculating on different modes of coexistence.

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