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With the creation LUCA_T. choreographer Mariela Nestora proposes what she has coined as molecular choreography. The title refers to microbe LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) that existed 4 billion years ago on this planet which, according to phylogenetics studies, is the beginning of a long lineage that encapsulates all life on Earth. 

In the performance's fragile ecosystem, five performers formulate an organism that evolves and transforms within a particular environment, while remoulding it. Engaged with the generated creative process and informed by both micro and macrocosm, the performers form a world of perpetual modulations that shifts between the familiar, the unforeseen and the paradoxical. The ephemeral system created allies with the potential movements of perceptions and perspectives of its audience.  LUCA_T.  is an invitation to drift from what we already know and appreciate, and to surrender to what is happening. It is an experience tracing the permeating interconnectedness and codependence of entities on earth. 

Molecules also articulate the processes of movement—the movement that Deleuze and Guattari call becoming:

“all becomings are molecular: the animal, flower or stone are molecular collectivities.” In this description of the molecular we are radically open. We breathe in each other’s air, radically open constituted by the molecular outside, this is both what links us to the world and what threatens us. It is the defenseless-ness of breathing. 

With the support of the Research Center I. & R. Duncan and the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports 2019-2020.

Concept/Choreography: Mariela Nestora 

Co-creation/ Performance: Yiannis Tsigkris, Katerina Gevetzi, Christina Reinhardt, Pagona Boulbasakou, Dimitrios Mytilinaios 

Vocal coaching/vocal dramaturgy: Anna Pagalou 

Sound design/original score: Anargyros Deniosos 

Light design: Evangelos Moudrihas 

Visual arts consultant/ visual arts translation of process: Christina Katsari 

Dramaturgy collaboration: Betina Panagiotara 

Costumes: Maria Papadopoulou 

production assistants: Elena Novakovits, Aggelika Stavropoulou 

Photographers: Lida Touloumakou, Mirto Apostolidou 

Video documentation: Petros Ioannidis 

Poster design: mem 

Production design: Maria Vasariotou, Mariela Nestora 

Production management: Aggelika Stavropoulou 

video trailer

Christina Katsari- visual arts translation of LUCA_T.

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